Things You Should Know Before Dating Latin Woman

Captivating. Stunning. Splendid. Lovely. What else?

Those are just some of the adjectives that best describe a Latin woman. Because in reality, Latin women are really gorgeous. In fact, they dominate in most international beauty pageants. Single men often visit Latin countries such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, among others to somehow experience the beauty, the extravagance, the culture, and the people of these countries from within.


While it’s true that Latin women possess beauty above others, they are also kind-hearted in nature. Other than that, they remain loyal and faithful to their partners. Their world revolves around their family. No wonder why Colombia has the lowest divorce rate in the world. Moreover, they are open-minded, fun, spontaneous, positive, affectionate and have been raised to compliment and respect men.


Since they are often said to be the perfect wives,  single men flock to the cities of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Monterrey, Caracas, and the like to search and date a Latin woman. But there are things to consider before going on a date with Latin women. Remember, first impressions never last. So hop in and read below:

  1. Their preparation takes forever! If you can wait that long, it will be worth it. Trust me!
  2. They are on Latino Standard Time. Always allocate an hour of the meetup time. But on a positive note, plans are always subject to change.
  3. Don’t call them “spicy” and “feisty” unless they use those words themselves.
  4. Don’t be frightened when they introduce you to their parents. That’s how it is for them!
  5. Don’t expect them to call you “Papi”.
  6. They love being Latin women. It’s really important to them so better show some respect.
  7. Don’t brag what you’ve learned on Spanish 101. So don’t start talking Spanish.
  8. There’s no such thing as casual for them. They dress to impress.
  9. Expect their families to be always around.
  10. They love to eat.

If you take note of the suggestions above, then you are ready to date a Latin woman.

Who knows, one of them could become your wife.


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