An Asian Bucket List

Asia is the world’s largest continent occupying 30% of the world’s land and 8.66% of its earth’s surface. It is a home to the most diversified population across the globe comprising of 48 continents which are all geographically divided into six regions — Northern Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia and South-East Asia. Due to this, Asia has a various and colorful culture with its own unique traditions from different countries.

The continent does not only take pride in its diversity with regards to cultural background; it also takes pride in its natural sights. In fact, this continent holds the highest and lowest points on Earth, Mt. Everest, and Marianas Trench respectively. This only proves that Asia has a lot to boast with its vast land masses.

This continent has really a lot to offer and it has millions of reasons why men from all over the world come over and get to experience Asia. To give you a head start on making the best of your Asian travel experience, here is a bucket list challenge for you to accomplish before you leave the continent:

  • Ride a motorcycle taxi at peak hour in Bangkok.

With Bangkok being notorious for its heavy traffic, the fastest way to go around the city or just reach a certain destination is through a motorcycle taxi. Drivers of these kinds of taxis will definitely do anything to get you to your destination in the shortest possible time.

motorcycle taxi

  • Swim with whale sharks in the Philippines.

The Philippines has something unique to offer from May to December and that is swimming alongside whale sharks. These sharks are friendly enough to go on swimming with men. They visit the area to feed on planktons and krill and they won’t bite off your leg unless provoked. These whale sharks can be found in Tan-awan, Oslob in Cebu and in Donsol, Sorsogon.


  • Dance under the cherry blossoms in Japan.

One of Japan’s most beautiful sights is the blooming of its cherry blossoms that it gathers up the audience from around the world just to witness a heart-warming view that marks the end of winter in the country. This dusts the country in a soft, down-like pink and white coat.

cherry blossoms

  • Get tanned under the sun in Bali.

When you talk about Asia, one thing that surely will come into your mind is “beach”, and Bali is the perfect one for you. Get yourself a tanned skin and relax under the sun in Bali, Indonesia while you get to see the beauty that Bali has to offer.


  • Go into an island hopping adventure and discover more of Palawan.

Since we are already talking about beaches here, why don’t you experience Palawan? Palawan is a place in the Philippines which is rich with gorgeous beaches and seas. It is a perfect paradise for sea lovers and diving enthusiasts.


  • Experience the paradise-like beauty of Maldives.

Indeed, Asia has tons of beautiful and jaw-dropping beaches around the continent. In fact, other gorgeous beaches can be found in Maldives. With its stunning blue sea and soft white sand, Maldives can give you that paradise-like feeling. Its breathtaking view can make you feel as if you are in sea-heaven; it is actually a perfect venue for pre-nuptial shots and even honeymoons. Plus, get to experience saving a sea turtle’s life in Maldives and be a hero in your little way.

maldives beach

  • Date an Asian woman.

One of the greatest pride of the continent is its loving people and this does not exempt Asian women. Women in this continent are loving and conservative in nature. You could be lucky to have a date and best if you marry an Asian woman. With their cultural backgrounds, they are perfect as wives.

Sunbathing in Bali

Actually, there are more to experience in Asia than these. The continent has millions of reasons why you should visit it. From its vast land formations, gorgeous architectural designs, natural sights and its people especially women, there is really a lot of good things to experience in Asia.



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