How to Waste A $3 Grand Trip to Russia to Meet the Lady of Your Dreams?

After many hours of internet access during a couple years and viewing thousands of single Russian and Ukrainian lady’s profiles, I finally found the lady of my dreams – so I thought. We e-mailed occasionally and talked mostly by phone for over six months before I flew to Saint Petersburg, Russia for a 10-day trip to meet her in person during high season.

angels of passion, woman of dreams, russian woman

A $3,000 dollar 10 day trip to Russia to meet the lady of my dreams ended instantly in disaster as soon as we met. I got off the plane where she was kind enough to meet me at the airport. When we met, I went to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek she cringed and tightened up all over. I knew instantly it was over and we would never be a match. I would have gotten back on the plane if I could have. It took her a couple days to realize it. We did become friends if that’s any consolation.

The point is I made the biggest mistake you can make by not taking a Romance Tour so I would have other ladies to meet while I was there or at least go at the same time as a tour so I could meet other ladies just in case it did not work out with the lady – and it usually doesn’t. You really don’t know until you actually meet in person, no matter how long you two have been writing or calling each other.

Always take a Romance Tour with a credible company even though you will go to meet your special lady or if you go by yourself, ALWAYS go at the same time as a Romance Tour. If it does not work out with your lady you can easily pay a fee to attend the Romance Tour so your whole trip is not a complete waste of time.

I did manage to arrange a couple introductory dates through local agencies but it is nothing like just showing up for the Tour and being sociable to meet many selected, high-quality ladies right in one spot who want to meet and talk with you.

I don’t think anyone can beat an experience like that. Just watch some tour videos for yourself and you will see what I mean. I’ll never make that mistake again. Don’t learn the hard way like me unless you have the time and $3 grand to burn.


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