Will Singles Tour Work?

I’m 48 and already divorced. My ex-wife has cheated on me and is pregnant with another man’s child. To be honest, I would have forgiven her for doing it once but to be carrying someone else’s child is too much. I know that no matter what I decide to do that our marriage will never work out anymore if we decide to stay together.

angels of passion, moving on

People are telling me to take my time in healing from the ordeal with my ex-wife and maybe I’m just too lonely… but there’s a strong need for me to be with someone. I am tired of being with someone who may or may not stay. I’ve decided to try my luck with online dating and that’s how I found Angels of Passion.

Angels of Passion offers not just online dating but also singles tours to meet women in different countries. From my understanding, the women that attend the tours are those that already have profiles on the site. I know it’s the most unconventional way of meeting someone and some of my friends decided not to make a comment about it… but I decided to go for it. I am not sure if I really am decided but there’s nothing wrong with giving it a shot.

I just want to know if singles tour really work? Can you really meet someone and eventually marry them? Has anyone here ever experienced it and succeeded? I want to move on from the heartache and it’s probably not wise to meet new people while I’m still hurting but, it just feels like if I wait it out… not only will I lose some chances but I may actually never be able to move on. I’d appreciate it if someone can answer my questions and if there is anything else I need to know about singles tours.


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