How Angels of Passion Changed Me

Before, I really don’t like the idea of “foreign marriage”. I felt like it’s a waste of money, very time consuming, and a headache. I had a relationship with a woman from Europe. We broke up a month after we met. I trusted her so much, but she took me for granted. I had a trauma after that. Right then, I promised myself not to date a foreign woman anymore.

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But that thinking changed when I involved myself in Angels of Passion. I know this matchmaking site involves dating with foreign women, but I still took the risk. After attending the agency’s Singles Tour in Asia, I met an incredible woman named Jonalyn. We’ve been dating for seven months already and I can say that it was the best seven months of my life. I travel to the Philippines every other month just to see her. If I’m in the States, I always do skype with her.

Angels of Passion changed my mind. A great thanks to them! I realized that not all women from off-shore countries are that bad. Well, in other areas maybe. I am grateful I met Marilyn. With those months of dating, I saw not just a beautiful woman but a loving, caring, and selfless woman as well. And I’m confident enough that she loves me.

After a careful thinking, I decided to marry her. I will propose to her next month.

What do you think would be the best way to propose?

Do you think it’s time to settle down already?

Do you guys think I should marry her?

I hope to hear from y’all.


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