Does Age Matter?

I’ve joined some of the reputable dating sites like A Foreign Affair, Angels of Passion, DateSites and etc… I’ve noticed when browsing through profiles that most women are young. I’m 56 years old and most of the ladies are 15-20 years younger than me. But that did not stop me from getting in contact with the ladies.

Face Child Youth Old Man Boy Age Smartphone

Some never responded and some did. One woman stood out the most. I’ve corresponded with her through Angels of Passion. She’s 33 years old and from Bangkok, Thailand. Despite our age and cultural differences, I am able to relate to her and enjoy my time writing to her. It’s been months since we started exchanging letters and we’ve started to establish a relationship.

At first, I worried that the 2-decade age gap would make it impossible for things to progress. A lot of people gave me the cold shoulder because of our age-gap and my kids aren’t really happy about it at first. But because they can tell that I’m happy, they’ve accepted my relationship with her.

Now, I’m planning a trip to Bangkok to meet and get to know her more. Hopefully, if things go well, I’d be able to bring her along with me to meet my children.

I still have uncertainties from time to time due to our age differences, but I believe that things can really work out between us. What do you think?



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  1. Reblogged this on Angels of Passion and commented:

    Oh well, love knows no age I must say! Right?

    #LoveMe #AngelsofPassion #Love #Relationship


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