How I Found Love and Learned to Appreciate Life

“I live my life in a full way, with an open heart and a desire to be happy and make those I love happy too”, says Alyona of Ukraine.

This is the quote I learned to love from Alyona, a beautiful Ukraine woman. She is a woman with wits, who enjoys teaching as a profession. A kind-hearted, absolutely genuine, sympathetic person who dreams to be loved and be cherished as well.

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman, Singles Tour

I met Alyona in Ukraine. She is one of those beautiful women who were in the Singles Tour in Ukraine organized by Angels of Passion. Her dazzling smile captured my heart. Her beautiful face allured me. Her positive attitude in life made me love her more. She is just so lovable!

Before the Singles Tour ended, I talked to her about my feelings and luckily, she responded positively! I promised I’ll come back and ask her to be my wife. I am so excited! She is so amazing!

Finding someone to love may be a risk and very challenging. I am very thankful to find what I’ve been looking for. Alyona and I may be far but our hearts are near. Right now, we continue our progressing relationship through chats, video calls, and phone calls.

Alyona taught me how to appreciate life. I was so lonely and treated life as an ordeal. Now, with her inspiration, I live my life more fully and gratefully.

That selfless statement powered by a woman who lives her life very positively and desires to make others happy is just inspiring. This is unique for a being to render, right?

Do you think living life in its fullest sense will make a big difference? What are other traits which can help us appreciate life and love?


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