Would You Go for A Mail Order Bride?

If you are busy and don’t have a long-term relationship, but would like to get serious, would you consider dating foreign women?

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I heard these women are  beautiful like models and don’t mind age or appearance as long as they are being treated right. I was considering looking into foreign dating but weeding out someone legit might be too time consuming for me. I don’t really like the hassle of committing to  long chats that won’t get anywhere. I am looking for someone serious to start a family.

I heard about mail order brides and some of my acquaintances told me about marrying a foreign woman. He actually married an Asian woman who is sweet , gorgeous and caring. Good on him! I got envious of the type of atmosphere he gets when he gets home. Someone caring, can cook, would be nice since I am a very busy man. I really want someone to be with for the rest of my life. I am looking for something serious.

I heard about websites that cater to this, like A Foreign Affair and Angels of Passion. What got my attention was the Singles tours they offer to see some of the woman you chat with.  A Foreign Affair and Angels of Passion seems promising since they have profiles from Asia as well. I still can’t make up my mind whether I’ll go for Asian women or Russian girls. I still need to ask people’s opinion about them.  

What do you guys think? Do you have any experience with regards to having a Russian girlfriend? How about Asians? How are they at home, and in bed? Would like to have your opinion on these. Thanks guys!


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  1. Third Line says:

    You can always visit the website loveme.com to get information about foreign women in:

    – Ukraine
    – Russia
    – Thailand
    – Philippines
    – Colombia
    – Peru
    – China
    – so on

    You can watch YouTube videos by searching for loveme.com on YouTube.

    You can also chat or phone call John Adams (CEO/President of A Foreign Affair) or Bud Patterson (tour sales coordinator, blogger, and webcast host).

    If you or anyone else want to know more information about foreign ladies and so, please visit my blog “Foreign Love Web”.


    1. Thank you for the information. Surely our readers will visit the site you mentioned.

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