How I Found New Love

This is a real story from one of the clients of Angels of Passion. Worth reading!

Joining a dating site was not my first choice nor did I expect to find what I was looking for. I’m a 42-year-old widow from California. I’ve dated my deceased wife since high school until she fell ill. We were married until her illness took her away.

Long distance love, foreign brides, angels of passion

I loved her so much and she’ll always have a place in my heart.  I made a promise that I’ll always be happy and experience life for her. Yet, I was lonely and only missed her.

One day, I was visiting my parents. My mom approached me with concern regarding single life, she was worried that I was not moving on. My brother suggested online dating. The thought got me curious.

When I got home, I started searching about online dating. I decided to check international dating sites. I came across Angels of Passion, where beautiful, passionate women are waiting, an established introduction service, marriage agency, and romance tours operator with several years of experience. Ukraine women, Latin women, Russian women, Asian women and other foreign brides are waiting here. I remember being confused navigating their site. I’ve read through testimonials and watched videos.

I registered and started corresponding with few girls. One of the girls, Ekaterina, stood out the most. We have common interests and she has an interesting take on life. Day by day, I saw myself getting more drawn to her. I had to meet her.

Angels of Passion assisted in making the meet up possible. I’ve never thought I’d feel the excitement of meeting a girl again. I flew to Ukraine and met Ekaterina. We had a date and she toured me around Kiev. Even though we’ve only spent time sending letters, it felt natural being with her. 2 weeks of vacation and I learned more about her and her family, I saw myself falling for her. She’s a great girl who knows her priorities. My wife will always be in my heart, but Ekaterina is the woman I want to spend my life with.

The 2 weeks ended and as I got on the plane, I kept thinking of wanting to be with Ekaterina without distance. When I got back, we resumed to sending letters, it’s been going great! 4 months after the trip, I’m now planning to visit her again and hopefully pop the question.

I never thought I’d find love from a foreign country. I am really thankful I gave this a chance.   

It’s amazing to know that despite of the distance, love truly prevails. Love knows no time, or distance, and it certainly knows no reason.




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