It Was Supposed to Be ‘Ours’

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Way before a good friend found his match via online dating, he wrote this letter:

“A love story that was supposed to be “Ours”. A love story that never was.

Can you feel this? This agonizing pain I’ve been feeling for days and nights. The pain you’ve undoubtedly stabbed to my heart upon leaving me. Can you see my tears rolling down my cheeks? The tears as an aftermath of you walking away in my life. Now, you are free. Now, you are happy. Happy with someone else. But do I deserve this? Do I have to suffer this pain inside me?

Many restless days. Many sleepless nights. Still, my heart calls your name. Where are you? I need you? I always needed you.

I’ve been weeping all day long, but still, no sign of you, even your shadow. You promised you’ll be here when I need you. Now, I’m left hopeless…

You are my world. But now the world means nothing for me anymore. You are my life. But now life has ended.

I can still remember your kisses and your hugs. I can still see your happy face with the sweet memories we have. But all those are just memories, it’s the past.

Seeing you with another man kills me. This is exactly what happened the day I saw you with someone else. You were both happy. You were both sweet. Love was evident.

It pierced my heart. Like a sharp instrument cutting my soul. It was supposed to be our moment. It was supposed to be me with you. It was supposed to be just me and you.

Now, you’re gone. You left me suffering. You left me in grief. Now all I have to do is to endure the pain until I get through.

I know I don’t have the right to demand. I know I’m not in the place to ask for your love. It’s me to blame for all that I’ve been experiencing. I was expecting too much from you. I know you didn’t give me something to hold on to but I was still hoping for more. We have nothing but an invisible affair.

But do I really deserve this? Do I have to undergo this anguish? After all, I am just in love with you.

You cannot stop the heart from loving. You cannot stop a heart’s weeping for someone’s affection and yearning.

I could’ve seen you walking down the aisle towards me. We could’ve exchanged vows together. We could’ve joyfully seen our kids running and teasing us. But it won’t ever happen. This could be the best love story.

With all these cold nights and sorrowful days, I know I can get over you. I know I can move on. Little by little I will learn to understand why this happened. I may not have a happy ending with you. But I can have a more valuable life with someone better than you.


With so much pain in his heart, he has no regrets sharing the letter for he moved on eventually. After all, he found a good match at Angels of Passion,  where thousands of beautiful single women waiting for their one true love.

For those of you haven’t moved on yet, cheer up and enjoy life!





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